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The day is here and we are all very excited. Microsoft will be announcing at 10 am PDT the next generation of Microsoft Entertainment Systems. We at Gamers Heroes want to be there for you, to bash, rejoice, troll and have a good time with this event because that’s what these things are all about. Join the Gamers Heroes staff as they live blog and talk about the big reveal LIVE as it is happening. Interact with us in the chat box below that is connected to our Twitch.TV account and we will make sure to get back to you. See everyone at 10 am PDT for the next generation Xbox reveal!

Next Generation Xbox Event Predictions:

Next Generation Xbox Hardware – As stupid as this is, a big question on peoples mind is will Microsoft show the actual hardware box. For me, personally, I think that they have to show the box. Everyone gave a big old stink over the PlayStation 4 reveal just because there was no box that they could ooh and aah at. Microsoft would be good to capitalize on this minor weakness that the PlayStation 4 reveal showed. For the hardware itself, I’m saying one of the sku’s will have a 500GB hard drive, 8 GB DDR5 ram and a matched GPU for the PlayStation 4.

The Controller – I don’t think the controller is going to change much to be honest. I bet that the next generation Xbox controller will be very similar to the controller we have now. I hope to GOD that the d-pad has an upgrade with it along the way. It will be interesting if there is no form of share button like there is on the PS4 controller. Dividing the streaming markets would be an interesting thing to argue about. Microsoft could come out on top of the streaming hype if they have worked some kind of deal with justin.tv and twitch.tv instead of the uStream service that Sony partnered up with.

The Games – I feel like Microsoft has to come out of the gate swinging if it is going to compete with the PS4 announcement. There where a ton of great games announced for the PS4 like Infamous: Second Son and the Killzone game that had such an impressive demo. Xbox is going to have to hit hard, but I don’t think it’s going to be the exclusives that are getting the most of the video game enthusiasts banter. Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be the big thing that cements the viewers into loving the Xbox. It seems tacky, it may even seem childish, but a Call Of Duty: Ghosts reveal would be huge. Piggy-backing off that a Halo 5 announcement matched with some form of Forza is probably a safe bet for the console reveal. Only time will tell, but i think Call of Duty: Ghosts is pretty much a for sure thing at this conference.

The Price – I do not feel like the price is going to be announced during the stream. There is still E3 to come and no announcement from PS4 about the price of their console. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft will do. Will they go with some kind of subscription subsidy model where people can sign up to Xbox Live for 2 years to cut the cost of the system? With the Xbox being so tightly partnered with cable and other subscription services I don’t see why not. The crazies thing would be if Microsoft revealed consumers would actually get something for the Xbox Live subscription, rather than just taking away privileges for those that don’t have it.

If you would like to join in the discussion you can check out our stream on twitch.tv/gamersheroes or send us a comment in the comments section below! We will be chatting in the Twitch chat as well as posting up live updates right below here. If you have come before the event has happened make sure to come back at 10 am PDT for the reveal! See everyone then.

Next Generation Xbox Reveal Live Blog

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