Nintendo Direct 12/05/2012 Breakdown

In what seems like a monthly ritual, Nintendo, Reggie and all of the regular cast and crew over at Nintendo has released another Nintendo Direct. The focus of this Nintendo Direct is mostly on games for the Wii U coming out in the near future. However, Reggie and the gang also break down some exciting 3DS titles in the update. Check out the video bellow for the full Nintendo Direct Video and we will break down some of the key subjects talked about bellow that.

Nintendo Direct Breakdown

The first game talked about is the new Lego City Undercover. In the breakdown they show a few more insights about the main story, like which the main bad guy is, and the motivations for the undercover cop that you will be playing. Chase, the main protagonist, will use different disguises to fit into his environment. The Wii U GamePad will act as an all important tool for Chase as well. It looks like you will be using the GamePad as a map, that you can tag way points for directions mostly. But I would bet the bank that there is going to be some cheesy mini-game like challenges that you will have to complete. The game looks better and better every day with new information rolling out regularly. If you are a Lego fan, then this is definitely a game you are going to want to keep on your radar.

Moving on from Lego City Undercover, new info about Pikmin 3 was then given out. Pikmin 3 is a highly anticipated game coming in Q2 of 2013. The main focus was not necessarily to give out new information, but to show off the graphical power they are planning for the Wii U and Pikmin 3. They showed off footage of beautiful landscapes, underground caves with brightly colored monsters, and a couple of other greenery levels that look very promising. More info will be given out soon about the new types of Pikmin, as well as new gameplay mechanics that are coming up in Pikmin 3.

Moving on from Pikmin 3, the Nintendo Direct focuses on Game and Warior for the Wii U. Game and Warior will be a collection of minigames that will take the TV screen, the GamePad and change how people play multiplayer games in the living room yet again. One of the minigames talked about, Fruit, seems like an interesting concept in which one player is on the GamePad and the others are not on a controller at all. Much of the details are still yet to be seen, but there should be a video released soon on Nintendo’s Facebook Page.

Everyone has been wondering how the Wii U was going to find the target of the casual market this year. Although Nintendo has said they are going for the hardcore market, they would be foolish to not try to still capture the success they had with the original Wii. That is where Wii Fit U comes in. The expanded and upgraded version of Wii Fit that took everyone’s living room by storm looks to be a serious iteration in the franchise. The new hardware peripherals addition, the fit meter, will bring all of your work outs into the Wii U. Going for a run, or a bike ride? The Wii Fit U Fit Meter will bring in all of your work outs from anywhere and give you one place to set goals and look at your progress. This seems like a good move for Nintendo, going outside just the living room, and having something that people will take everywhere.

Finally in the Wii U section of the discussion, Nintendo revealed there will be DLC coming for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge. New playable characters from the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive Universe will be available soon. There will also be a free female character unlocked if you download a patch for NG3:RE named Momiji, who has been a playable character in the past. There was a couple of other little demonstrations like using google maps on the the Wii U GamePad, but Ninja Gaiden 3 was the end of the Wii U information in this Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct then moved on to the 3DS news. They opened with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. There was a few story bits talked about, like the Dark Moon, what it is and how it turned all of the ghosts from friendly to evil. No release date has been set yet for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but look for more information as soon as we get it, right here on Gamers Heroes.

Moving on from Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo announced a brand new sequel to Brain Age, a wildly popular game that originally came out for the Nintendo DS. The new iteration on the past game will be called Brain Age: Concentration Training will be launching in February. These games will help to improve your working memory and concentration. Basically Nintendo is trying to tackle the problems linked to the information overload that we are all constantly under from our interactions with phones, tablets and computers. The whole concept is interesting, but who knows if it will have the same success the first game did.

The last full retailed game touched on in the Nintendo Direct for 12/05/2012 was Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game looks to be shaping up amazingly. The development of the story, relationships and strategies seem to be expanding every time Nintendo shares information. Again they showed more relationships things in depth. There will be story missions, side quests, and conversations that will only unlock after certain relationships are made. Look for Fire Emblem: Awakening on February 4th.

The rest of Nintendo Direct touched on downloadable titles and DLC. New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS is getting a bunch of free download packs, including the ones that have already been up in the eShop before. Make sure to hit up the eShop if you have NSMB2 because there will be a ton of great content that is available for free over the next month. Nintendo also talked briefly about two eShop titles, but they are so weird I can’t even really understand what’s going on. These two games are called Tokyo Crash Mobs and HarmoKnight. We will be sure to have more information on these games at a later date.

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