Nintendo Direct: Wii U Price and Release Date Announced

Nintendo Direct: Wii U Price and Release Date Announced

Nintendo, putting out an exclusive Nintendo Direct today released new information on the Wii U. In the press release given by Reggie Fils-Aime new details about the Wii U including the Price and Date were released. The Wii U will release on Sunday November 18th starting at at $299.99 in the United States and will be available slightly after that date in EU and Japan.

The price and date were not the only thing unveiled at the Nintendo Direct. Regie also outlined that there will be multiple models and colors of the Wii U at launch. There will be a standard model that gets you everything you need. There will also be a deluxe version of the Wii U that will have more storage, and will also have Nintendo Land packed in. Those of you who choose to go the deluxe model will also get enrolled into a digital+ program where reward points. The deluxe version is also a sleek black for only $50.

There also was quite the talk about video games this week Wii U Price

Nintendo Direct Highlights

pictures from the release

  • Wii U Release Date – November 18th
  • Wii U Release Price – $299.99 / $350.00
  • Color Variations – White / Black
  • Model Differences – 2 different. Basic Set including the Wii U console, Wii U GamePad, AC adapter for each, High Speed HDMI cable, Wii U sensor Bar
  • Deluxe Package including everything in the basic set and more memory, GamePad Charging Cradle, Stands for GamePad and Console and a pack in Nintendo Land

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