Nintendo Switch Announced

nintendo switch announced

Nintendo Switch was just announced with a short 3 minute trailer. View it here.

Following what feels like years of speculation, Nintendo has finally lifted the covers on their upcoming what they call their next “home gaming system.” The Nintendo Switch looks to be a tablet console concept with detachable controls and a docking mechanism. Specific details in regards to the hardware specifications were left out but in the 3 minute Nintendo packed in multiple good looking titles. Most notably was the inclusion of what looked to be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playing and looking great both on the mobile tablet and on the big screen while docked. Other games of note included The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new Mario, an NBA basketball game, Mario Kart and Splatoon.

The video released on Nintendo’s main website and YouTube simultaneously and made a point of priority to show how the console works both mobile and docked. The detachable controls sit on both sides of the tablet and can be docked on another controller frame to make a full controller and or used just like the wii mote and nunchuck were used. Also of interest was the premier of a new handheld controller. The new controller looks very similar to the Wii U Pro Pad but with rubberized grips, beveled analog sticks and the familiar ABXY Nintendo is known for.

Other points of note include that Nintendo Switch is set to forgo disc media. Although again, no specifics were mentioned, a small flash memory cartridge was shown inserted into the tablet. Multiple rumors about this shift in hardware development have surfaced over the months leading up to this announcement including a supplier of 3DS cartridges ramping up production. Apparently according to @tomphillipsEG of Eurogamer, the Nintendo Switch announcement was slated for September but the upcoming Mario title “wasn’t running perfectly.”

No price was announced as of yet but most speculation I’ve seen either puts 2 bundles of $299 and $399 USD or one package at $350. With all the peripherals this console is going to allow on day one, it would be extremely easy to see a package north of $400 but lets hope not. The trailer closes with Coming March 2017. I’m sure a ton of news is soon to follow so stay tuned. Enjoy the trailer below.

Source: Press Release

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