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Nintendo Switch Rumor Roundup – Zelda Delayed & Release Price

Nintendo Switch Rumor Roundup - Zelda Delayed & Release Price
I don’t usually report Rumors but there were two new rumors this week worth speculating. Seriously they both are nuts.

First off we have a rumor from the much respected Lara Dale over at LetsPlayVideoGames. The report details a rumored release price for two different SKUs (stock keeping unit) of the Nintendo Switch priced at £199.99 and £249.99.

Additionally Switch Pro Controllers will be priced at £39.99. No USD prices were rumored but basic conversion puts the prices at around $249 and $299 respectively.

In the rumor from UK retailer GAME, the two SKUs were described as a “basic SKU” and a “SKU featuring more internal storage and a packed in game.” For comparison the PS4 is priced at £249.99 or $299 while the Xbox One is £213.85 and $253.99 via Amazom this holiday.

Nintendo Switch is the latest planned release from big N, featuring a handheld video gamepad, playable both on the go or in a dock at home with a gamepad. An announcement video debuted back in October with multiple games played including Skyrim, Zelda, Mario, Splatoon and a NBA game.

Of course we wont know any more Switch news until Nintendo has their announced event in Tokyo this upcoming January 12. Until then we will just have to watch this video and speculate.

Another bit of speculation rumored this week comes from another reliable reporter. Coming from arcadegirl64, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will no longer be released alongside the Nintendo Switch this March.

Instead “four-to-six months of testing” will be needed once localization is completed. This would put a new time-frame for release about year from now or next fall.

To put it in perspective, The Legend of Zelda is reportedly the biggest game Nintendo has ever created. Extrapolating math from the E3 reveal which revealed the map size to be larger than 300 sq miles.

For comparison that is over 12 times the size of Twilight Princess or over nine times the size of Skyrim. Nintendo has been keen to make sure that their upcoming Zelda title will be perfect and have delayed it as such multiple times.

Originally announced in 2013, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will release on Wii U and Nintendo Switch sometime next year. For now you can expect me to cover every single thread of rumor, from here to release. For now, check out these gifs I made.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gif Dump

Source: Eurogamer

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