Nintendo TVii Announced for Wii U

Nintendo TVii Announced for Wii U

Nintendo TV was announced today at the Nintendo Direct conference. They say it is a way to bring in your favorite TV shows from your DVR, Netflix, Hulu, and live TV. It can bring in your favorites, your friends favorites, favorite channels and recommendations from Nintendo. It will bring all of your services into one spot for entertainment.

nintendo tvii announcementAnytime you pick a TV show or movie you can pull up reviews, trailers and get other information about movies and other shows at the touch of a screen. Also for sports fans you can see different score updates on the GamePad and then quickly move to important games. Also while watching the GamePad becomes a social device. Allowing you to share specific times and feelings while it is playing. Again with sports this becomes an interactive device. Allowing players to see highlight plays that were missed in the past and get more information about the field.

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