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No Compromise Add-On Content For Watch Dogs 2 Live On PlayStation 4

Ubisoft today announced that the third add-on content for Watch Dogs 2, titled No Compromise, is now available to download and play on the PlayStation 4 as part of the Season Pass content, with Xbox One and Windows PC launches expected on May 18th.

The new add-on content for Watch Dogs 2 introduces a bevy of new content for players to explore including the new Moscow Gambit DedSec operation – a new multi-mission campaign that stretches across a new storyline with Sitara and Marcus working together to take down a hardcore adult movie studio. Complete with awkward moments involving industry specific machinery and an “explosive climax” it’s sure to stick to the tongue in cheek humor that made the game so popular among fans.

A new racing time trial challenge has also been included with six new single-player races with with special vehicles and individual challenges.

Source: Press Release

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