No Man’s Sky Prisms Update Announced

Update 3.5 of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, dubbed “Prisms,” will pay host to a range of new technologies and visual features.

This title will now feature screen space reflection (SSR) technology for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. This will add reflective surfaces and improve the lighting quality of the title.

New styles of volumetric lights have also been included, made up of both colored and directional volumetrics. This can be seen firsthand with the bioluminescent flora, Sentinel drone searchlights, and starship headlights.

Gameplay-wise, hazardous weather events like meteors or lightning impacts will now have a chance to spawn valuable objects. The UI for the Appearance Modifier has also seen a refresh.

Interstellar travel has also undergone a sensory overhaul, with both the audio and visual elements tweaked. parallax occlusion mapping technology has also been used, which helps add depth and definition. The lucky ones among us with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards can also take advantage of DLSS, which incorporates anti-aliasing and super sampling techniques.

See this feature in action below:

No Man’s Sky DLSS Support

Learn more about all of these improvements with the trailer below:

No Mans Sky Prisms Trailer

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