Pac-Man 99 Announced

A new Pac-Man battle royale, Nintendo Switch Online members can dive into Pac-Man 99 when it launches today at 6pm PT.

To win this game, players must set out to be the last Pac-Man standing. Much like the original arcade release, players can go on the offensive by grabbing a Power Pellet and eating the ghosts that chase after you. Each ghost players eat will turn into Jammer Pac-Man for rival players, which drops one’s movement speed.

The key to victory lies in its Sleeping Ghosts. Eating them all in succession forms a ghost train, which can then be eaten in succession after grabbing a Power Pellet. Four different power-ups can also be used, including one that doubles your movement speed and another that targets opponents that are close to losing the game.

Learn more with the trailer below:

PAC-MAN™ 99 – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

For those looking for more Pac-Man, additional paid content will also be available.

Source: YouTube
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