Pandora Saga: 600 Player Battles

Pandora Saga: 600 Player Battles
The title isn’t a type error, Pandora Saga boasts the capabilities to support 600 simultaneous players in Realm Vs Realm of epic proportions. As well as the huge PvP opportunities, Pandora Saga also offers many desired MMORPG features including Mounts, Castle Wars and a unique crafting system…

Sadly, that is about all the game has to offer. I’ve not had the opportunity to attempt the large scale PvP but if the rest of the game is anything to go by, it will be bland and disappointing. The class and race system seems basic, following the standard templates for today’s MMO market featuring a pitiful 4 classes to start with, none of which seem to have any real unique features, the combat is slightly above par when compared to its competition but it still focuses on a bunch of flashy lights and swirly effects over that of proper and detailed animations. Overall, I found the game to be a carbon copy of the other 1000 free-to-play MMORPG games that have an item mall, a rushed and poorly designed game with the only intention of making a few dollars. The game  is set to release Q1 2011 with Closed Beta rumored to begin at the start of December, you can watch the a trailer and walk-through from the great guys at MMOHUT HERE. Sure it supports 600 player PvP but I’ll be surprised if you can get anywhere near that many to log in at once.

You can also download the trailer directly from Gamershell

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