PayPal Spring Gaming Sale: Every Week a different Sale

PayPal GamingSale

PayPal is waiting with great deals for gamers like you and me. For the next eight weeks, games, hardware and extras will be offered in the PayPal Spring Gaming Sale. The PayPal Spring Gaming Sale should have started yesterday at 8 p.m., was stuck at 00d.00h.00m.00s for some time, with the blurry pictures you see above. However the site is now available.

It is the first time that PayPal organizes a bargain directly for gamers. The Gaming sale lasts eight weeks, with changing offers every week. Mark the next eight Thursdays, as there will be exclusive new products presented. Firms, like G2A, Spotify, Razer, Wargaming, Team 17 and much more will be offering their stock.

15% on iTunes gift cards, Worms Clan Wars with 66% discounts or 10% on G2A gift cards, it’s better to have a close look at the sale. Steam will surely be under some pressure over the next weeks…

Just as a reminder: The offers can be found at http://www.paypal.com/gamingsale.

Blaine Smith

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