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PC Gamers Furious With Treyarch

PC Gamers Furious With Treyarch
Call Of Duty: Black Ops, one of the most highly anticipated titles this year was launched across the globe on various platforms November 9th. The critics loved it, reviews are great, but some are asking “Are they actually playing it on PC?”.. The PC users have been sending in complaints on the Steam forums, the official COD forums and to various Activision support members on Twitter because the game for a lot of players is “Totally unplayable”. It’s been two days and there hasn’t been any mention of an ETA for a patch/fix. Activision Community Manager Josh Olin recently Tweeted

Whoa whoa…. It’s been a little more than 1 day, how can we be ignoring players after just one day?

This made quite a few members of the PC community rage over the fact that the game should be playable on launch day. Activision have proven yet again that the don’t have what it takes to meet the high demands of the PC community, the lack of communication and direct involvement with the community regarding the PC issues demonstrates how very little they bothered about the PC release.

Are you happy to purchase any type of product that doesn’t work?

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