Pearl and Joy Coming to Payday 3

The world of Starbreeze and Deep Silver’s co-op heist shooter fantasy Payday 3 will see two new faces with the inclusion of Pearl and Joy.

Joining Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains, Pearl and Joy will be available at launch.

An expert con artist and infiltrator, Pearl leaves nothing to chance with her meticulous planning. However, if things call for it, she’s a fighter and no stranger to firearms.

Meanwhile, Joy is a genius hacker, a security expert, and a merciless heister. Her skills are all wrapped in a complete lack of respect for authority and a twisted sense of humor.

See them in action with the trailer below:

PAYDAY 3: Pearl & Joy Trailer

In addition, the team provided a breakdown of the High Level Post Launch Plan:

DLC 1 – Syntax Error set for Winter 2023
DLC 2 – Boys in Blue is set to release in Spring 2024
DLC 3 – The Land of the Free will release in Summer 2024
DLC 4 – Fear and Greed set for Fall 2024

Seasonal events, playable characters, new enemies and weapons, an Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, cosmetics, improvements, and new features will also be rolled out post-launch.

The game will come out for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on September 21.

Source: Press Release
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