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Permanent Bans A Possibility For Players Exploiting Incursions In Tom Clancy’s The Division

Things have been a little rough for Tom Clancy’s The Division recently following the release of the highly anticipated Incursions update, which was unfortunately overshadowed by some severe bugs and an increasingly problematic exploit.

The Incursion update launched last week but it wasn’t long before problems started to appear. Many players on Xbox One and a few on PlayStation 4 reported that they had lost all characters and progress on their accounts, a problem that has since been resolved but definitely didn’t help the updates release. More recently an exploit was discovered that allowed players to bypass the more difficult boss fight in the Incursions update while still being able to reap the rewards as if they’d defeated the tough adversary.

The exploit was quickly reported on the official forums and a member of the Community Management team responded to ensure players that Ubisoft are aware of the problem and they are currently discussing potential punishments for those abusing the exploit.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Natchai_Ubisoft, Community Manager Ubisoft’ position=” photo=”]We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.[/testimonials]

Although no official comment was made on the exact nature of the punishment, Ubisoft’s own Code of Conduct makes it pretty clear how severe those punishments could be.
[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Ubisoft Code Of Conduct’ position=” photo=”]

  • Exploitation of any new or known issues or bugs is forbidden and may result in account suspension or revocation.Ubisoft Code Of Conduct
  • Any suspected breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use will lead to investigation by Ubisoft staff. Ubisoft reserves the right to suspend, ban, or delete any User’s account without prior warning or notice.
  • [/testimonials]
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