Phantom Galaxies Early Access Gameplay Showcase Released

Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Blowfish Studios has released a new gameplay showcase for their upcoming title Phantom Galaxies.

Marketing Director Chris Bowden takes the spotlight for this showcase ahead of its Early Access release on November 2. Topics include the new phase’s refined and expanded experience, tactical Starfighter combat, its different mech choices and customization options, and its deep and expansive universe.

Watch it below:

Phantom Galaxies | Early Access Gameplay Showcase | 2 November 2023

In Phantom Galaxies, players can switch between third-person combat and starship dogfights almost instantly. This will give players the chance to prioritize their Starfighter for speed or firepower when they need it. Starfighter classes can be chosen from the versatile Assault, the precise Lancer, the brutal Buster, and the vicious Breacher.

To gain an edge, players will also be able to level up through RPG-style tech advancement. This will give players the chance to hone their skills, upgrade their Starfighter, and choose their path. It doesn’t have to be a solitary affair either; PvP multiplayer battles and PvE multiplayer bounties are also available.

The game will be available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the official Phantom Galaxies website.

Want to learn more about Phantom Galaxies? Be sure to follow the official Twitter/X page, the official Reddit page, and the official Twitch page.

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