Pixels & Polygons: The Journey Of An Indie Developer

Pixels and Polygons Indie Developer Story
The likes of Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter have given today’s indie developers an amazing platform to help launch their dreams into reality, but it’s still not a walk in the park. Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story is a new Kickstarter project that aims to deliver a heart-felt story of one mans journey through indie life.

The video series will take a documentary approach featuring footage shot over a period of 4 months. It follows the artist Richard Cook during his time with AdaptivElite. Pixels & Polygons: The Journey Of An Indie Developer will focus heavily on the daily battles every indie developer faces, but it will also touch on more personal aspects such as self-doubt and the fear of hard work going unappreciated.

Composed of entirely self-shot footage the story follows Richard until the final showdown takes play at the famous Boston gaming event, PAX East 2013. An uphill journey filled with struggles and excitement culminates as Richard and AdaptivElite take to one of the biggest stages in the gaming universe.

The first trailer showcases some of the potential of this new feature length video. Too often do we hear of the “easy” success stories in gaming, such as an individual making millions from a single title, but very rarely are we given the opportunity to see through the eyes of someone so passionate about their journey and the struggles they face.

The edited version will be available free on YouTube and Vimeo sometime in June 2013. An extended version will be available for purchase, including interviews and bonus content. Helping to support the Kickstarter project will allow the developer to release the video in a timely manner and help make gamers aware of its potential.

Pixels and Polygons is part of an ongoing project to help make gamers more aware of the industry itself. Richard Cook, the developer heavily involved in the upcoming video, is also currently trying to launch a brand new website aimed at aiding artistic people trying to get into the gaming industry. You can read more here.

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