PlatinumGames’ NieR: Automata Demo Arrives Tomorrow, December 22nd

NieR Automata News
NieR: Automata promises a fresh approach to the action RPG’s of today with an immersive combination of classic Square Enix storytelling and legendary PlatinumGames’ high-adrenaline action combat sequences. Slated for release early 2017 players will get the opportunity to sample the wonders of NieR: Automata much sooner than expected with an official demo releasing on the PlayStation Store, tomorrow, December 22nd.

The demo will see players exploring an abandoned factory as android 2B continues her efforts to defeat a massive enemy weapon that lies deep within the factory. Check out the latest trailer from PlayStation Experience for more information on the game.

The linear level of the demo is only a small portion of what promises to be a thrilling open-world experience. Players will explore a desolate open-world environment in a world dominated by machines that have forced humanity to retreat from their home. Using androids as their response, humanities final hopes rest with android 2B’s abilities to take down the enemy and restore peace.

Source: Press Release

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