PlayStation 4 At E3?

PlayStation 4 At E3?
Many gamers are eagerly awaiting this years E3 as many expect to hear announcements regarding the release of the next generation consoles, specifically the PlayStation 4. Although industry giants Sony have kept their cards close to their chest, consumers are basing their release predictions based on Sony and PlayStation’s release history.

With the original PlayStation touching down in Japan in 1994, followed by the PlayStation 2 release in 2000 and then the most recent release of the PlayStation 3 in 2006. The trend of 6 years shelf life has most hopeful fans expecting a late 2012 release.

Very little is known about the possible technical advances of the PlayStation 4 and very little official information has been released, however this doesn’t stop the gamers saying their piece. There’s loads of concept art and ideas that really do hype up the excitement.

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