PlayStation Now February 2022 Games Detailed

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Little Big Workshop, Through the Darkest of Times, and Death Squared will all make their way to PlayStation Now in February 2022.

Rockstar Games and Grove Street Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition has players taking control of Tommy Vercetti as they experience his tale of betrayal and revenge. This release improves the PlayStation 2 classic with environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distance, and Grand Theft Auto V-style controls.

Mirage Game Studios and HandyGames’ Little Big Workshop lets players be a factory tycoon by giving them their very own workshop. This open-ended sandbox experience features a fully simulated day/night cycle and more than 50 unique product types.

Also from HandyGames, developed by Paintbucket Games, is Through the Darkest of Times. Players will take on the role of a leader of a small resistance group in 1933’s Berlin. Set across four different chapters, players will fight for their freedom, weaken the regime, and lead your resistance group to victory.

Finally, Death Squared by SMG Studio is a co-op puzzle game that puts teamwork to the test. Players must guide a robot to a color-coded goal, but must contend with deadly traps and hazards along the way. You can read our review of the Nintendo Switch version here.

Learn more with the following PlayStation Access trailer below:

PlayStation Now – New Games February 2022

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