PlayStation Reportedly Refuses To Refund Stellar Blade Pre-Order Because User “Downloaded The Demo”

Steam offers a no questions asked refund policy before two hours of play. PlayStation? Well, it has been reported that they are refusing to provide a pre-order of a game because the user played the demo. Confused? So are we.

According to X user Nicola (@Nick_Marseil), PlayStation are refusing to refund a pre-order of the upcoming Stellar Blade, due to the fact Nicola played the demo.

Stellar Blade’s demo is free for all PlayStation users to download and play right now. You do not need to pre-order the game, no purchase necessary.

Nicola explained that they wanted to refund the pre-order because of how much they enjoyed the demo, opting instead to upgrade and pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

X user PMS Jordan (@PMS_Jordan) said, “That’s insane. PS needs a better refund policy”, while John Hartsfield (@Jackmovejohnny) added, “I’ve only had 1 positive experience with their customer service. Every other time has been completely horrible”

We reached out to PlayStation Support ourselves, to see if we could verify the issue, but honestly, we’re still not entirely sure whether players would be eligible for a refund or not, after playing the demo.

How has your experience been with PlayStation Support in the past? Post a comment below.

Blaine Smith

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  1. Play the game (Stellar blade) the demo was not so much intrest in the combat system. That’s was horrible tot die and start over again………

    On 26/3 i buy digitale copy and now i want refund and this is after demo play.

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