Portal with RTX DLSS 3 Comparison Video Released

Ahead of its launch on December 8, see some of the changes coming to Lightspeed Studios and NVIDIA’s Portal with RTX with the latest trailer for the game.

A free DLC for all Portal owners, Portal with RTX was designed with ray tracing in mind. Not only does it feature full ray tracing, also included are new, hand-crafted hi-res physically based textures, and high-poly models in 4K.

This method of graphics rendering simulates the behavior of ligh, with lighting, reflections, and optical effects appearing much more realistic. Staying true to the title, even light can even pass through portals.

See it for yourself with the trailer below:

Portal with RTX | 4K NVIDIA DLSS 3 Comparison Video

All those interested can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Source: YouTube
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