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Post Game Content Planned for Resident Evil 6

Post Game Content Planned for Resident Evil 6
A press release yesterday shows that there are significant pieces of DLC that will be available for Resident Evil 6. There will be multiple updates with new modes and new maps for each part of the DLC. Three new modes will be in the works as multiplayer content to keep people excited after the campaign is finished. So far only multiplayer DLC is announced.

Jake from Resident Evil 6The first mode is called Survivors Mode. Survivors Mode is a twist on multiplayer combat. Players that die will be turned into enemy zombies. If a player can take down two human players then they can be turned back into human form. This new mode will be available in team based play as well as a free for all survivor mode. Last team or person left is the winner.

The second new mode is called Predator Mode. Predator Mode has one player as the Ustanak, a very lare B.O.W. The other players are then humans that try to stop the large Ustanak. There will be two ways to win on the humans side. Eliminate the Ustanak or survive the time limit. If the Ustanak kills all of the human players then the game is over.

The third piece of day one dlc will be a mode called Siege Mode. This mode one side will be protecting a NPC target and one team will be trying to eliminate that NPC. If the NPC is alive at the end of the time limit then they win where if the NPC is killed the assassin team wins.

All of these game modes sound interesting. It’s just a wonder why it will be day one DLC? Will it be like Mass Effect’s Prothean DLC and be used as a way to get around used sales? Or will it just be available no matter what? Either way we will be looking into this DLC and keep everyone up to date so keep it locked on Gamers Heroes!

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