Post Scriptum Rebranding as Squad 44

An extension of their hit military shooter Squad, Offworld announced that the WWII tactical FPS Post Scriptum will be rebranded as Squad 44 following its purchase.

Squad 44 began as a mod for the original Squad. Launching as the stand-alone game Post Scriptum in 2018 under Periscope Game, the game was purchased by Offworld after five years of development. Mercury Arts Ltd was brought in to assist with further development.

The second and final map in the Battle of Crete series, the Rethymno battlefield has been recreated with the latest update to the game. The development team utilized modern terrain height maps and original maps and sketches dating back to The Battle of Rethymno.

This release also includes a Greek Faction, which was created with input gathered from historians and Greek reenactment organizations. This new Greek Faction will bring an eclectic mix of German, French, English, Italian, and Greek weapons to Squad 44.

Learn more with the official trailer for Squad 44 below:

Official Trailer | Squad 44

Other features in Squad 44 include 80-100 player servers, 20 large-scale historical maps (from 2km2 to 6km2), a number of different game modes, more than 70 authentic weapons, and more than 50 usable vehicles that include tanks.

Squad 44 is available for the PC via Steam.

Source: Press Release
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