Post Void Now Available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

After a long wait, YCJY Games and Super Rare Games’ POST VOID is now available on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch eShop.

Tasking players to be fast, this challenging arcade-style first-person shooter has players working through procedurally generated levels as they set out to keep their idol filled by getting in kills. After finding the oasis at the end of each level, players will be able to pick their random upgrade and then dive right back into the chaos.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

POST VOID Launch Trailer 🔫 PlayStation + Nintendo Switch

The development team has set out to make sure the title controls with a controller as well as it does with a keyboard and mouse.

In regards to the title potentially being on the PlayStation 5:

“We’ve seen many of you asking about POST VOID over the past few months – thank you so much for staying excited about this amazing, psychedelic game, for being so patient, and for keeping the hype alive! 🔥

As you may have already known, we initially intended for POST VOID to come to PlayStation + Nintendo Switch earlier last year. To be totally transparent about that, we had unforeseen delays with the porting process – POST VOID is a 3D game made in an engine traditionally used for 2D games, which is as incredible a feat as it is a tricky complication for porting.

This is not the fault of the awesome engine, the talented devs, or our wonderful porting partners – it’s just one of those unexpected things that sadly happens. We didn’t want to do POST VOID a disservice by releasing it in a state that we wouldn’t have been happy with, which is why we initially made the difficult decision to postpone it.

The native PS5 version needs a little more time, but we didn’t want to leave you all hanging indefinitely, so we’re launching on PlayStation 4 + Nintendo Switch now! PS5 owners can still pick up and play the native PS4 version on their console, and we’re working on a native PS5 version which will have a free single-purchase upgrade path (i.e. buy it once on either PS4 and PS5 and play on either console).

We hope you enjoy the manic joy of POST VOID for PS + Switch! 🙏”

Source: Press Release
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