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Project CARS 2 - Gamers Heroes
With an incredible amount of detail put into its design, Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 2 looks to be one of the most realistic driving simulators on the market. Gamers Heroes got a chance to try out this racer at E3, and also got to schedule a closed-door session with the development team.

Unlike other racers on the market today, Project CARS 2 features the whole gamut of motorsport racing. Those interested in touring cars, endurance prototypes, or exotic hypercars will find their wheels of choice here. Even supercars like the McLaren 720S are present and accounted for. There are more than 170 licensed cars to choose from, so there is no shortage of variety.

This detail also extends to the track. According to the development team, Project CARS 2 features the largest track roster of any console racing game, and features dynamic conditions with its Livetrack 3.0 support. One such example is with its rain effects, which show water accumulating on the track the longer each race goes on. This technology also extends to real-time vehicle performance, grip, and handling. There are also ice, tarmac or dirt tracks to choose from, along with a full 24-hour cycle.

The development team also stressed that Project CARS 2 was built with the eSports market in mind. The functionality is built into the game, and also includes support for online championships, a first in the series. There are also all-new vehicle types and motorsport classes to choose from.

You can view a sizzle trailer for the game below:

Project CARS 2 – E3 Sizzle Trailer (4K)

We look forward to the final release of the game when it launches on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 22, 2017. Stay tuned for further coverage.

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