PS4 Gets More Expensive In Canada


With the release of InFamous: Second Son in five days, Sony is raising the local price of the PS4 from CAD399.99 to 449.99 MSRP. They state “changes in the market economy” as reason for the sudden surge. With the new price it is equal with the current US price. It still started a shitstorm across the Canadian parts of the internet. InFamous as well as MLB 14: The Show are getting more expensive, too. They will be released with a retail price of CAD70.00 each.

It is unlikely that Sony will drop revert the prices in time for the release of inFamous, which will also be bundled with new copies of the console. While a drop in purchase is expected, Sony could save their reputation in the American neighbour, if the exclusive title would be exceptionally good. Microsoft on the other hand will not change the price of the Xbox One, which is nowcurrently CAD500.

Source: GameSpot

Blaine Smith

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