Raptr Announce New Q&A With Lost Saga GM Infamous

Raptr Announce New Q&A With Lost Saga GM Infamous
One of the biggest up and coming social media channels for gamers, Raptr, have just announced the latest addition to their hugely popular Q&A sessions. Previous sessions have been met with a hugely positive response from the Raptr community and this latest one is sure to be the same.

Starting today and running through until 6PM (Pacific) players will be able to pitch their questions to GM Infamous of Lost Saga, a highly popular free-to-play MMORPG. To celebrate the Q&A OGPlanet and Raptr are offering a variety of exciting prizes for participants.

10 of the best questions will be selected to receive Perm Gear Chest codes, items that can contain some of the strongest items in the game. If players help spread the popularity of the Q&A by “Liking” on Facebook or Tweeting, further Perma Gear Chest codes will be available.

For more information, and to participate in the Lost Saga Q&A, visit the official Raptr site here.

Blaine Smith

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