Red Dead Online Naturalists Earn Triple Rewards This Month

All this month in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online, Naturalist Harriet Davenport will offer up boosted payouts to all the wildlife enthusiasts out there.

Not only can Red Dead Online players get themselves Triple Ability Card XP on Free Roam Events, they can also get Triple XP on Gang Hideouts and Triple RDO$ and XP on Naturalist Free Roam Events and Naturalist Sample Sales.

If that’s not enough, Red Dead Online will feature Double Gold, RDO$, and XP on all Telegram Missions.

From now through July 8, those that log into Red Dead Online can get themselves the Rebellion Poncho for free. Log in any time this month will grant players 30 Sedative Rounds, 3 Blending Tonics, and a Potent Predator Bait.

Note that those who complete an Animal Sighting Mission and a round of Wildlife Photography can get themselves the Burned Town Treasure Map and the blue Owanjila Hat (respectively).

When it comes to Daily Challenges, those that complete them for five consecutive days can cop the red Eberhart Coat.

Make sure to craft an Item at one’s Campfire this month – there’s an Offer for 50% off the Advanced Camera if you do.

Red Dead Online will feature the following Weekly Rewards for completing a Sample Sale to Harriet:

  • July 2 – 8: A white pair of Strickland Boots
  • July 9 – 15: An Offer for 50% off a Camp Tent
  • July 16 – 22: An Offer for 50% off the Deluxe Campfire
  • July 23 – 29: A white pair of Carver Pants

Meanwhile, the highlights for Red Dead Online’s Featured Series, which is paying out double RDO$ and XP, are the following:

  • July 2 – 8: Hardcore Most Wanted
  • July 9 – 15: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War
  • July 16 – 22: Hardcore Overrun
  • July 23 – 29: Team Gun Rush

When it comes to freebies, make sure to grab a free Community Outfit styled by YouTuber JillyBeany.

Returning clothing in Red Dead Online includes the red, white, and blue Patterned Bandana, the Covington Hat, Tied Pants, Ortega Vest, and Woodland Gloves.

Finally, discounts for Red Dead Online include 5 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit, 30% off Emotes, Trinkets, Gus’ Store Clothing, Revolver Style Customizations, Ammo Pamphlets, and Bandoliers and Off-Hand Holsters, 40% off Camp Dogs, Criollo and Gypsy Cob Horses, the Varmint Rifle, and Revolvers, and 50% off Boots.

Source: Press Release

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