Red Dead Online Summer Update Coming September 10

Rockstar Games announced today that Red Dead Online’s next update will land on September 10.

This update will bring with it three new Frontier Pursuits. These Frontier Pursuits are an ongoing series of Roles for players of the game to inhabit. They will deliver an array of themed activities that provide players unique skills, items and more as they progress through each Role. Note that each Role will automatically earn Role XP as you complete a Role’s activities. Those that unlock a Role Rank will be able to each Role Tokens, and will soon be able to unlock new skills at certain ranks. There is a new tier of distinction every five ranks, with them being: Novice, Promising, Established and Distinguished.

A number of other tweaks will make their way to the game in this update. Improvements have been made to player control that affect both combat and locomotion, providing quicker and more responsive movement. Players will also be able to redesign their character’s appearance without resetting progressing. Gameplay-wise, there will be greater damage resistance while in the Defensive playing style and there will be more Dynamic Events. These updates are joined by new Ability Cards, new Daily Challenges and Daily Role Challenges, and a number of new items.

For the adventurous among us, one can begin a new life as a Bounty Hunter. Players can begin this new venture after meeting the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes and purchasing the Bounty Hunter License. Players will be able to find targets at bounty boards, which can be found at post offices, law offices, and train stations. It pays to keep them alive though, as the living bring in a greater reward. Those that pass Bounty Hunter Rank 12 will get the chance to take on other players with high bounties of $20 or more.

There are some unique perks that come with being a Bounty Hunter, including the following skills and items:

For those who would rather take on a different vocation, players will also be given the opportunity to be a partner in the fledgling Cripps Trading Company. Tasked with finding the perfect ingredients to develop a thriving business, players will source items for Cripps to convert into sellable goods. This can be done through hunting animals or by performing Resupply Missions. Players will also be able to get ahold of a Hunting Wagon to perform larger hauls, and can also upgrade their Delivery Wagons for larger sales. All you need to get started is an investment of 15 Gold Bars to get a Butcher’s Table. Note that PlayStation 4 players will be able to get one for free.

Skills and items for this field of work include the following:

Finally, players will be able to take on the path of the Collector in Red Dead Online. One can visit Madam Nazar to acquire the Collector’s Bag, or can collect all 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online. This role has players traveling the world on the hunt for valuable treasures. As players progress, they’ll be able to learn enhanced searching skills, pick up tools like metal detectors, and can get increased carrying capacities. Players will also get the ability to have their horse directly pluck and pass herbs to you while mounted.

The skills and items for this role include the following:

Source: Press Release
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