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Rek’Sai Will Be The Next Champion Introduced To League Of Legends

Rek'Sai Will Be The Next Champion Introduced To League Of Legends

Another Void creature makes its way to the surface in League Of Legends. Rek’Sai The Void Burrower will be the next champion to join us on the Fields of Justice. Come get the details on Leagues newest champion here!

Rek’Sai The Void Burrower

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Rek’Sai will play best in the jungle popping out to ambush unsuspecting champions and minions. She moves quick with her Burrow and go through units while doing so. This makes it easy for her to get from camp to camp and lane to lane. Her Burrow does take fury, which is earned by auto attacking. When she pops out she will knock anyone around her up and of course do damage. She can also sense enemy movements while Burrowed for a limited range.

Her other two basic attack are Queen’s Wrath and Furious Bite. Queen’s Wrath makes her next three basic attacks AoE and Furious Bite does more damage based on your Fury meter, or if you have full Fury it will do True Damage. These moves both change if she is Burrowed while shes does them. Queen’s Wrath becomes Prey Seeker which launches a projectile towards the closest enemy and reveals them on the map. Furious Bite becomes Tunnel which basically gives her a tunnel she can travel through without Burrowing.

Her Ultimate is Void Rush and it passively increases her attack speed. If you activate Void Rush you can go to any Tunnel you have created with Tunnel. Doesn’t matter how far the Tunnel is she can make it after she channels Void Rush. This is great for escapes and setting up ambushes. With this move set she is best used to pick off lone targets or for flanking. The Tunnel mechanic should add something new for veteran players and new players alike.

So will you be picking up Rek’Sai or will you wait for the next champion? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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