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Remember Me Release Date Confirmed

Remember Me News
Capcom have just confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated stealth action-adventure title, Remember Me. The game will launch on June 4th across all major platforms in the US, while Europe will have to wait until June 7th. Remember Me will be available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Remember Me Release Date Confirmed

Remember Me promises to deliver a unique game experience with a combination of exploration, platform and melee combat mechanics, providing exciting for players of all gaming backgrounds. It also introduces an innovative mechanic in the form of ‘memory remixing’, allowing the player to enter a unique state with the ability to alter and rearrange the memories of those around them. This is done via a video playback type feature that allows players to replay a memory and modify certain details, an intriguing mechanic to say the least.

Players take on the role of Nilin, a “memory hunter” roaming the streets of the uniquely designed Neo-Paris of the year 2084. The big brother state has become a reality, but it means more than simple surveillance cameras and equipment. The ability to wipe someones memory can be used for both positive and negative reasons, prompting possible morale implications during the game itself.

We’ve grabbed the highest quality screenshots that we can find, so please be patient if they take a little while to load.

Remember Me Latest Screenshots

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