Remnant II Halloween Event Starting Tomorrow

The world of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games’ Remnant II just got bigger with a quality-of-life update today, with a Halloween event to follow tomorrow.

Straight from the development team, the following quality-of-life updates have been made:

– Improved Evade detection as client in multiplayer games.
DEV NOTE: We made some changes that should noticeably increase the responsiveness of Evading while in Co-Op as a client.
– Updated the Multiplayer Join process to make for a smoother overall experience.
DEV NOTE: Clients will now join at or near the host’s location instead of automatically starting in Spectator Mode, unless the host is in a boss fight or event region.
– Added Loadouts.
DEV NOTE: Players can now create a gear preset and then recall it with a single button press. This includes Weapons, Mods, Mutators, Archetypes, Skills, Relics, Fragments, etc. Loadouts will also save and recall Traits but will only recall them if you have the Orb of Undoing in your inventory. Loadouts cannot be used in combat.

Running from October 27 to October 31, “Aberration Domination,” will feature a world overrun with aberrations on all difficulty levels.

The game is now available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. In our review of the base game, we said “They took what made the original Remnant good and improved it.”

Source: Press Release. Update: The original article suggested that players would need to play on Nightmare difficulty to participate in the Aberration Domination Event. The event is available on all difficulties
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