RUMOR: New Sonic Game Open-World Adventure Called Sonic Rangers

Multiple sources have potentially leaked new information regarding SEGA and Sonic Team’s new open world Sonic title, dubbed Sonic Rangers.

The first piece of content leaking information from that claim comes from an early press release that unveils the title of the game (uncovered by Eurogamer):

[testimonials user=” email=” name=” position=” photo=”]“Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, further details on Netflix’s Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!”[/testimonials]

Twitter user @PTKickass also found the following in the leaked 4K version of the video teaser:

Finally, Twitter user @NTom64_Lyfe uncovered the following 4Chan post that dates back to January. The post reveals more information from a focus test that they did, stating that it features an open world that is populated with small enemies, puzzles, and platforming challenges.

Revealed yesterday, the new Sonic title is being led by the same team behind Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. You can see the trailer for the game below (courtesy of Gematsu):

Sonic the Hedgehog 2022 – Teaser Trailer

What do you think – is there validity to these claims? Let us know in the comments below.

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