RUMOR: Watch Dogs 3 May Be in Development

Watch Dogs 2 - Gamers Heroes
Ubisoft may have hinted that Watch Dogs 3 is in development.

According to YouTuber UbiCentral, it looks like Ubisoft is slowly putting out information based around a potential Watch Dogs 3 announcement.

You can view the video below:

Watch Dogs 3 Accidentally Confirmed by Ubisoft

In addition, for their April Fools joke this year, Ubisoft allowed players to access an “admin console” on the Uplay site that enabled people to hack into it, Watch Dogs-style. Information uncovered included a list of unreleased games.

Finally, a brief Tweet appeared on the official Watch Dogs Twitter account (since removed) simply stating “This is everything.”

What do you think? Will we see Watch Dogs 3 at E3? Let us know in the comments.

Casey Scheld

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