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Saints Row IV Preview With Interview

At E3 this year Gamers Heroes was lucky enough to go through a Saints Row IV metal detector and see the game running behind closed doors. Afterwards we got to sit down with the lead systems designer, David Bianchi about the game. We talked about the weapons of Saints Row IV and how they are making them even crazier than they have been before as well as some new mechanics.

In the demo we saw two different sections of the game. The first section was an opening sequence showing the main character in all of his presidential glory. There was a couple of sections that showed off the Saints Row humor. These sections had the player picking between two problems to fix, world hunger and cancer. The bills were called “F*#* Cancer” and “Let them Eat Cake”. Seeing the saints row humor, reassured me that fans of this game will still have plenty of crazy dumb humor that the Saints Row franchise is known for.

The second section that we got to play showed off some of the new gameplay that will be available in the game. There will be super powers that the main character can use while flying through the streets. Super jumps, force like powers and a couple of others will allow players to destroy the alien forces that seem to be floating around the whole city. This was a demo, so the powers were amped up and caused major destruction.

Another thing that has been given an overhaul is the customization of weapons. We got to see 7 or 8 different weapons including a hilarious dub-step gun and a light saber like katana. These guns can be customized in a ton of fun ways and should let players customize their gameplay style.

After playing the game for a half an hour, I can’t wait to see more from it. The game seems like a stupid fun experience. We will make sure to keep our eye on this game in the future and make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all kinds of Saints Row IV coverage in the future.

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