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Saints Row V Already In Production?


The rumor mill is working hard these days. Undisclosed information say that the fifth installment of GTA’s wacky brother, Saints Row V, is already in progress. A while ago Volition’s Scott Phillips said that there would be no further Saints Row games. But we all knew he was bluffing, right?

Actor Jay Mohr initiated new speculations a few days ago, when he tweeted that he would voice one of the character of the upcoming game. The Tweet was removed shortly afterwards. While the rumor of a new Saints Row is not entirely fresh, many things indicate that it’s true. For instace it is further said that an unknown employee of Volition affirmed that the developer is working on it at the moment. It allegedly parodies 2013/14 movies.

No comment was given by Deep Silver/ Volition until now. It is still far from being a fact, but even if it’s true, we probably won’t see it till late 2015/ early 2016.

Blaine Smith

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