Season 2 And Update 2.0 Coming To King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Neocore Games today announced an exciting new seasonal update and a 2.0 patch update heading to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale when it launches on Steam, December 2nd. One of the most impressive and ruthless turn-based games we’ve played in years. Seriously, check out our review.

Season 2 And Update 2.0 Coming To King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

The new seasonal content update, titled Rising Eclipse, introduces a brand new quest chain that focuses on the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Avalon, alongside new season mechanics and a special seasonal building that players can construct and manage in Camelot.

The 2.0 update, largely centered around community feedback, promises “massive gameplay and quality-of-life” improvements to the game including changes to classes and characters, additional skills, tweaked difficulties to boss fights and maps, more items, and more. The update will be available entirely for free for anyone who owns the base game.

King Arthur Knight’s Tale is scheduled to launch “soon” on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. A new expansion is also in development, which will introduce the Ninth Legion of Rome.

Source: Press Release
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