Sega Reveals New Sonic Forces Gameplay Footage Before November Release

Sonic Forces comes from the minds that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

This new Sonic game will have you playing as three versions of the blue hedgehog: “Modern Sonic,” who will perform “fast-paced action” stunts; “Classic Sonic,” who will speed through “perilous platforms; and “Custom Hero Character,” who will be the players own little Frankenstein creation, as its name implies. Sega released two gameplay videos that you can check out below. The first short clip features the game’s “Rental Avatar” feature that involves using custom characters that other players have built and uploaded to the game’s servers. Dubbed here as the “Bird Hero Character,” he can be seen attacking with a “Drill Wispon.” According to Sega, you can switch between your character and the “Rental Avatar” any time during a stage.

Sonic Forces – Space Port Gameplay

Sega continues: “Besides seeing some gorgeous and/or hilarious characters as a result, this feature will let players utilize two different Wispons in a single level to find secret paths and overcome any obstacles in their way.”

The next clip features the Infinite boss battle being engaged by a “Rental Hero.”

Sonic Forces – Rental Hero Gameplay

Sonic Forces will be out on November 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

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