Shin Megami Tensei V English Cast Revealed

Learn more about the English voice over talent for Atlus West’s Shin Megami Tensei V with the latest trailer for the game.

Scope out the full list of voice over talent below:
– Tao Isonokami – Jeannie Tirado (Code Geass)
– Yuzuru Atsuta – Mark Whitten (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
– Miyazu Atsuta – Ashlyn Madden (The Loud House)
– Ichiro Dazai – Stuart Allan (Batman: Bad Blood)
– Hayao Koshimizu – Sean Crisden (Kingdom Rush)
– Abdiel – Cissy Jones (The Owl House)
– Shohei Yakumo – Ben Lepley (Tales of Arise)
– Nuwa – Laura Post (Octopath Traveler)
– Aogami – Daman Mills (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

Hear these people in action with the trailer below:

Shin Megami Tensei V — English Cast Reveal | Nintendo Switch

Shin Megami Tensei V will feature returning gameplay mechanics, such as raising and fusing demons. For longtime fans of the series, this JRPG was designed as an in-between of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

The game will come out for the Nintendo Switch on November 12, 2021.

Source: Press Release
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