Sifu Gameplay Teaser Released

Learn more about the raw power of the fist with the latest gameplay trailer for Sloclap’s Sifu.

This title follows the story of a young Kung Fu student that is training for a day of reckoning. His family has been murdered by a mysterious assassination squad, and he must hunt down these foes one by one. As he ventures through gang-ridden suburbs, the deep corners of the city, and the cold hallways of corporate towers, he must use careful positioning and adaptation to pull off his mission.

Gameplay strikes a balance between beat-em-ups and 3D character action games. Players must rely on one’s mastery of Kung Fu, but a magical pendant can provide life after death. Just be warned that using it will age players every time they come to life.

See the action of this game for yourself with the trailer below:

Sifu | Sloclap | Fight Club Gameplay Teaser | PS4, PS5 & PC

The game will come out in early 2022 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Epic Games Store.

Source: Press Release
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