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SMITE Patch Preview Peek – Egyptian God Assassin Arriving Next Week

Serqet God Image Smite During a live Twitch.TV stream earlier today various members of Hi-Rez Studios and their stream team teased the audience tidbits of information surrounding the upcoming update that will see the debut of a brand new Egyptian God alongside minors changes to a variety of God abilities, items and loading screen God Cards. During the patch preview Hi-Rez Bard and other members of the stream offered viewers a little insight into the next God to arrive on the SMITE battlefield, Serqet. The new Egyptian God joins the SMITE ranks as a melee physical assassin with the ability to stack deadly poison attacks and cause her opponents to become so confused, they start attacking their own allies.

Just when you thought you were safe hiding behind Ymir…More information on Serqet will be revealed once Hi-Rez Studios release the Serqet God reveal video. Accompanying Serqet are an awesome selection of updates for some of the games loading screen cards with many faces players are sure to recognize – although one does stand out from the crowd. Check out the gallery below for a sneak peek at Swagni, the pimp Agni, developed in conjunction with the incredibly talented community artist, Stephen Nickel.

When I was hired to be a contract artist by Hi-Rez studios, (♥ you Jerry), I didn’t expect my first assignment to be something so epic. Thanks to all the developers at Hi-Rez and everyone else that allowed me to be a part of this project! This is a dream come true. Thanks again to everyone that has supported me to help me get to this point. Swagni should be in the game sometime next week!

The live stream also offered a brief opportunity to check out a selection of new skins that will be arriving with next weeks update, including detailed makeovers for Apollo, Bastet, Janus, Serqet and Agni. New Ward Skins have also be introduce alongside the usual long list of fixes and adjustments to various items.

For a full rundown on next weeks patch, check out the pre-release patch notes here.

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