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Something Huge Is Coming To Grand Theft Auto V

Since its release in September 2013 Rockstar have been hard at work injecting new and exciting content into the Grand Theft Auto V universe but there’s something monumental on the horizon for fans of SA-MP. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is widely considered by many to be the greatest title in the games hugely successful history, and some attribute that to the hugely successful community ran mod and server list, San Andreas Multiplayer.

The team over at GTA Network today announced that Closed Beta client files have been handed out to select server developers, bringing the open release to just weeks away.

[testimonials user=’GTA Network’ email=” name=” position=” photo=”]It’s Christmas time again, the time of hopes, joys, and forgiveness. It’s the time that brings joy to every shelter and the time for us to cheer you up with the thing that many have been awaiting for a long time now so, with a great joy and relief we are very pleased to officially announce the beginning of GTA Network’s most awaited release cycle.

During this period of time, select server developers will be granted the access to the client & server files, and the ability for your server to show up on the master server. This should last about 2 weeks till the client will be available to everybody.

In order to get your server whitelisted, everyone is welcomed to submit a thread about their Server and its development in the Server Advertisements section or send one of the Admins a private message. The servers that we see potential in will most likely be granted access to the beta.[/testimonials]

Although Grand Theft Auto V boasts the hugely successful multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s a dedicated community that want more. GTA Network promises to be the SA-MP of this generation with privately owned servers featuring custom scripts allowing for almost endless possibilities. Roleplay servers with jobs, careers and gang progression, insane stunt servers, cops vs robbers mini-games, all staple elements of SA-MP that could come back bigger and better than ever with the release of the GTA Network. Stay tuned!

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