Sony Hands Out Free Games!

Sony Hands Out Free Games!
With the PlayStation network finally getting back to normal gamers are starting to forget the PSN downtime now that the PSN store is finally live. Gamers were unable to access any of the online features from their games and up until now, couldn’t purchase any DLC content.

A little over 6 weeks since the hacking rumors started spreading, we’ve seen reports of Sony losing billions in profits as well as a predicted  record number of sales for the PlayStation 3 in the coming financial year, it’s been a bumpy ride for sure but gamers can now claim their “compensation” in the form of free games and a months work of PlayStation Plus access.

As well as the original choice of free games available, Sony added another sweetener to the deal in form of the not so classic James Pond II: Robocod. Not exactly worth shouting out from the rooftops but it’s nice to see Sony offering a bit more compensation to the PSN users, although I see it as taking up valuable space.

Blaine Smith

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