Sony Using Windows 7 PCs to Demo PS4 Games at Gamescom

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There was plenty on show at this years Gamescom, including some of the biggest titles hitting next-generation consoles. However, a small glitch in Need for Speed: Rivals caused the game to crash. What displayed? A Windows 7 login screen. They were most likely using a comparable dev kit but you can’t help but giggle.

At this years E3 event a similar image was also posted online following a crash while showcasing the Xbox One. Although that was a little more comedic as Microsoft, the developers of Windows 8, didn’t even have the faith to use their latest OS. You can check that full story on Escapist.

The Twitter picture has since been taken down but a member of our community emailed the image through moments ago.

Update: We’ve found the source of the image on Twitter.

Update 2: N4G users have found evidence that this was in actual fact EA’s booth and not Sony’s.


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