Squad 4.0 Update Coming December 7

A major milestone for Offworld Industries’ tactical shooter Squad, Update 4.0 – Red Star Rising will make its way to Steam on December 7.

This update will bring with it the title’s 10th playable faction: the People’s Liberation Army. Originally called the Red Army, the People’s Liberation Army encompasses mainland China’s land, sea, and air forces.

Seven new vehicles (including the ZBL-08 Wheeled APC, ZTZ-99A Main Battle Tank, and ZBD-04A Infantry Fighting Vehicle), fifteen unique weapons and deployables (including the PP87 Deployable Mortar, QJZ-89 Heavy Machine Gun, and HJ-8 Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Emplacement), and a devastating bombing run Commander ability are all at their disposal.

This update also includes the addition of Simplified Chinese.

For those new to the game, Squad is a large-scale combined arms multiplayer FPS that emphasizes combat realism through communication and team play.

Source: Press Release
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