Star Trek Explores Strange New World Of Co-Op

Star Trek Explores Strange New World Of Co-Op
A Star Trek game has never really hit the big time and with 20+ attempts, you thought they would have got lucky by now, nonetheless a statement from Paramount earlier today confirmed they’re giving it another shot with the creatively named Star Trek.

They gave very little detail on the game other than the screenshot and this brief announcement

“Star Trek challenges the boundaries of co-op gameplay with a galactic adventure that gamers and fans have never experienced,” Paramount Digital Entertainment president Tom Lesinski said in the announcement. “Working closely with the Star Trek filmmaking team throughout development, the game is sure to deliver AAA production values, a wide variety of gameplay and all the action you would expect from the hit franchise. This will be the definitive Star Trek gaming experience.”

The game is said to be based on the recent remake of the younger years, with writers from the movie collaborating with God Of War creative talents, some speculation has led people to believe this Star Trek title could really make an impact.

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