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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official Gameplay Reveal

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official Gameplay Reveal
EA devoted much of today’s E3 Conference to one of the biggest IP’s in their arsenal as players were treated to over 30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 content, including the first official gameplay reveal trailer and some multiplayer footage.

The official gameplay reveal trailer introduces Star Wars fans to a new Star Wars experience, one that boasts “3x the content” of the previous game. A new single player campaign will makes it debut alongside content, maps and characters from all three timelines of the Star Wars franchise.

The focus of the conference was that EA and Dice have listened to feedback, took it into account and shape the game accordingly. Although apparently they totally missed the thousands of people still looking for Galactic Conquest. Oh well, maybe next year.

Source: EA’s E3 Conference

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  1. It looks like they have taken in a lot of criticism of the first one and improved it. My one gripe with the first one, was that the weapons were boring and after you got over the whole cinematic feel and experience, it was just another FPS.

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