Star Wars The Old Republic Pre-Order Available!

Star Wars The Old Republic Pre-Order Available!
One of the most anticipated MMO games of recent years, The Old Republic is expected to create a new benchmark for all future games to compare themselves to.

The announcement came as a surprise to many players with most not expecting an early pre-order for at least another few months. As with most pre-order titles, Star Wars The Old Republic offers early access to the game as well as a color stone bonus that allows you to improve your weapon.

Early access to such a huge title is sure to get many people splashing the cash out instantly, we’ve already pre-ordered our copies over at Amazon so why not take a look for yourself?

In more recent news, The Old Republic has been officially labeled EA’s biggest pre-order title of all time destroying Battlefield 3 despite BF3 having weeks head start. Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to create a new bar for MMORPG’s, don’t miss out on your chance of making history!

Blaine Smith

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