Steam Sales: Rockstar Games Special

Rockstar Games Sale Weekend

Break the bank, Rockstar Games are having a large sale on Steam. If you ever wanted to get your hands on Evergreens like L.A. Noire, GTA IV or Bully, now is the chance. You are also able to buy Metro Last Light for 6.99€ till March 17.

The Rockstar Bundles you can get:
GTA IV + GTA San Andreas for 5.99€, $6.99
GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City for 7.49€, $7.49
GTA III + GTA San Andreas + GTA Vice City for 6.24€, $7.49
L.A. Noire + DLCs for 9.99€, $7.49

Not available in every country:
Max Payne Complete (MP1, 2, 3 + all DLCs) for $9.89
Max Payne Bundle (MP 1+2) for $3.74
GTA Complete Pack (all above GTA Games) for $9.99
Max Payne 3 Complete (MP3 + all DLCs) for $6.99

The solitary games of those bundles can also be purchased.

The Rockstar games you can get:
Bully: Scholarship Edition for 3.30€, $4.95
Midnight Club 2 for 3.29€, $3.29

Not available in every country:
Manhunt for $3.29

The Rockstar offer is available till March 17. You can buy the famous small indie title Race The Sun for 4,49€.

UPDATE: Total War: Rome II is 50% off! While it’s still about 25€/$, it may be worth getting. Quick reminder: DLC-wise only Hannibal at the Gates has been reduced as well. All DLCs for Rome II together are now about 50€/$. The offer lasts two days.

Source: Steam

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