Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Announced

Mobile game of street fighter x tekkenCapcom today released screens and a logo for an upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile. Most of the gameplay is still unknown because not much has been shown to the public as of today. In back room, hush hush, meetings Capcom showed off it’s game to the gaming press during E3 Last week. The press releases so far report that the game was shown off on an iPad.

The screens for the new iOS expansion of Street Fighter X Tekken show some some details of what is to be expected. The screens show a big on screen touch virtual stick on the left side that takes up a good deal of real estate on screen, hopefully making it easy to control the players in game. The screens also show a punch, kick, tag (it’s all in the mind?) and special attack virtual buttons. Virtual buttons will make Street Fighter X Tekken available for players on the new mobile platform. I don’t know personally if the touch screen controls are the best option for a Street Fighter X Tekken game. Both of these franchises are are built around being a twitch millisecond reflex fighter. The touch screen might not be up for this endeavor.

From the screens we can also see that there is some sort of tag team game. They all show Ryu on a team with Chun-Li from Street Fighter and Kazuya teaming up with Nina from Tekken. Brelston in a Capcom Blog, describes the team play

Think SFIV Volt, but with tag mechanics and a healthy does of juggling.

The tag team system is sure to make for an interesting experience on the iOS platform. Only four characters are shown in the screen shots and no more have been announced yet.

Street Fighter X Tekken for iOS will be out latter this summer beating out the version that is launching on the PlayStation Vita. The game will be available on iOS 5 devices or better. No word yet on if an Android port of the game will be available any time soon.

Street Fighter X Tekken Screen Shots

street fighter x tekken mobile street fighter x tekken mobile 1 street fighter x tekken screen 2 street figthter x tekken mobile 3

What do you guys think? Are you going to buy Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile when it comes out later this summer? Are you willing to use virtual buttons for a twitch fighter? Do the screens look good to you?

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